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    OPC Factory Server

    Software de Programación para la plataforma Modicon Premium, Atrium, M340 y Quantum

    Software de servidor de datos

    OPC Factory Server

    OPC Factory Server

          OPC Factory Server : Presentation
          Based on the OLE for Process Control (OPC) standard, Schneider Electric''s OPC Factory Server (OFS) software allows "client" software applications, such as supervisors/SCADA and customized interfaces, to access the data of Schneider Electric automation system and electrical distribution devices connected to networks or fi eldbuses in real time.
          It also allows communication with third-party devices supporting Modbus and Modbus/TCP protocols.
          The OFS data server integrates the most recent specifications of the OPC Foundation :
          • A purely local mode
          • Remote access from an OPC-DA client
          • Remote access from an OPC .NET client
          • Remote access from an OPC XML-DA client